Free tuition for all malaysian students

EduNation is a volunteer driven non-profit educational initiative and we are here to ensure that every Malaysian student has all the educational resources he needs to succeed academically in school.

It’s been a wild ride full of challenges, roadblocks and steep hills. But we’re finally here and up and running at long last. For the past 2 years we have been hard at work putting the Malaysian school syllabus online. With more than a thousand videos and exercises and many more to come, our work is in constant progress and will continue to be in progress for many years to come.

How are we giving this all away for free? Because of support from people like you.

Every shirt, every book, every merchandise you buy goes towards creating more learning videos and exercises and growing our IT platform.

Thank you from all of us at EduNation and from the 5.5 million Malaysian kids who now have access to free tuition online.